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These are extremely serious charges. I can’t even bring myself to say “IF THIS IS TRUE”, because that isn’t fair. I would insist on however, a full and complete investigation of these charges that if true compromise our nation to it’s core. I urge each and every one of you no matter your party affiliation, as AMERICANS to insist that this be investigated ASAP. 

Few stories of true love, patriotism and answering the call match this one by a man who made a difference …..

In an about-face, the feds have admitted wrongdoing in the cases of two elderly women who say they were strip-searched at Kennedy Airport by overzealous screeners. I CHOOSE PROFILING OF SUSPECTS NOT BALANCING THE SCALES OF STUPIDITY!

3 minutes video with the best of our experiences this 2011.

This is beyond COOL!!!! If we are made aware of stuff like this… can you imagine in your wildest dreams what we REALLY have in our arsenal!

This is right on target. One does not lead from the back. Leaders lead and find ways to get things done. They don’t find new ways to find new excuses why things DONT get done!


Mayor Bloomberg declaring victory over the OWS protesters is like Chamberlain declaring peace in our time over Hitler in WWII!!!!! What a crock of S***… This mayor who I once respected lost every stitch of that when he allowed these vermin to do what they did in NYC. The people including business owners in the area should file suit against the city and him personally for NOT DOING THEIR JOB to protect the masses from the asses!!!!!!!

Joe and his crew continue to do great things on site. He and his team continue to welcome those who Gear Up Foundation bring in from around the world to pay their respects to those who perished 10 years ago on site. 


I had to post this after watching ABC NY News reporting on how the POLICE were disrupting things in the city by doing their jobs! ABC reporting much like the mainstream media is insulting at the least portraying these “wonderful” protesters as the good guys and the police, the ones who are paid to keep things working in our city, the streets clean, safe along with parks open for use of the public, not for urinating, filthy disgracefully behaved people. These rejects who continue to go about their moronic routine while being tolerated by our city and by an inept mayor who has decided to accept this CRAP is just beyond anything resembling normal. WE THE PEOPLE, the ones who work each day and raise our family and do what is necessary and beyond to honor the sacrifices of those before us have had enough of this nonsense. These guys continue to get away with this day after day. If this were any other group they would have been arrested long ago, the parks would be fumigated and cleaned and the folks who actually live and work in that area, pay taxes and keep this city and nation going would be able to get back to normal. Trust me, if this were the Tea Party, which I point out ISNT because I AM PROUD To be a member, would not only not do this, but also leave places cleaner than when they got there. These folks DO NOT REPRESENT me, nor do they represent the vast majority of the silent majority who I believe have had more than their fill. I believe that the president and this administration in hooking their wagon to this bunch have confirmed what hard working Americans believe …lets leave it at that and watch at this coming election highlights the biggest landslide in American history, bigger than the wonderful and historic Reagan Landslide as we rescue this nation from the abyss. AMERICA NEEDS CPR, CITIZEN PATRIOT RESPONSE! and the sooner the better ….. 

WE REMAIN IN THE CROSSHAIRS OF THOSE WHO WISH US DEATH! Know it… Act on it, before it’s too late!